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zisa02la65u Post : 21.04.2013 06:44

's commercial core Strip built a commercial building, and the ensuing series of things that people did not expect: the developer responsible person hides hundred million funding to go abroad; phenomenon there is a room to sell more; purchase shops in more than 200 businesses real estate license can not handle ... Together "co-development" projects, exposed local regulatory loopholes exist in many other aspects of the investment, restructuring state-owned enterprises, housing property management - Although only nine stories high, is located in the well-being of the Golden State Road the middle of the commercial core area of ââsouthern New Century Mart, is still regarded as a beautiful landscape of Ankang City. With commercial land sells mansion appreciation of space rose, but the 276 has 492 shops in the building owners how happy, and because they spend huge amounts of money to buy the shop, and now can not do real estate license,mulberry. Leaving the thing these owners are worried that developers Shaanxi Lvjie Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as green cleaning company) had signed with the merchant purchase contract and the owners of the shops sublet to others charged nearly billion funds, green cleaning, former legal representative missing,mulberry. Provoke "Golden Phoenix" joint built commercial buildings "If you can not do real estate license, not our house, worked so hard she saved the hard-earned money may be for naught, but a lifetime of savings!! Merchant Mr Choi said, if do not real estate license, the house can not be traded, equal is stuck. "When I first took a fancy to the shops located in the central business district, only to come up with all their savings to invest to buy shops." Southern New Century Mart its predecessor, Ankang City,, Hanbin Metro Street offices affiliated collective enterprises - Ankang City, Golden State department stores (the original suburbs shoes Factory). In March 2005, shopping malls and Hanbin by Investment attracted businessmen - Shaanxi Lvjie Industrial Development Co., Ltd.. The two sides signed a joint construction contract, construction of "Golden State commercial buildings", later renamed "Southern New Century Mart. Commercial buildings after the completion of the May 29,hollister outlet, 2006, Lvjie handled in Ankang City Housing Authority "Southern New Century" pre-sale permit commercial buildings layer to nine of the 492 shops sold to 276 individual investment and commitments for property rights procedures and honor of hosting revenue gold, real estate sale and retail management contract signed with the subscription households. According to the relevant person in charge of Hanbin government, the joint development project of the Southern New Century Mart "the neighborhood offices Hanbin Metro investment projects in 2005. The convention on the joint construction contract: 5.934 acres of land provided by the Golden State department stores, green cleaning company invested 30 million yuan to build, the newly completed Golden State commercial building property owned jointly all,mulberry, a 50-year operating period, the two sides shall disposal of property rights ...... 276 businesses competing to buy a legitimate commercial housing "in order to handle the documents, the Golden State department stores and green cleaning company signed a supplementary contract, the two sides agreed to each occupy commercial buildings in a certain proportion of the area, while in the green cleaning company shared interests, "50 years of ownership and management rights, 50 years after the expiration of the commercial buildings unpaid handed Golden State department stores. Since then, the Golden State department stores, and green cleaning company signed a leaseback contract for a period of 20 years. In August 2005,oakley,, Hanbin Metro Street offices send someone held a joint construction contract to the Ankang City Housing Authority to apply for a green cleaning company to complete the pre-sale permit the Housing Authority that sell 50-year franchise " The terms and conditions do not meet the pre-sale requirements, and clearly pointed out: apply for pre-sale permits should be submitted by the developer of business licenses, certificates of qualification, the state-owned land use right certificates elements,abercrombie france. In May 2006, the Metro streets do again to Ankang City Housing Authority to apply, to apply for the pre-sale permit, and provide the relevant procedures,abercrombie france. "That they submit the elements of a supplementary agreement." According to the relevant person in charge of the Ankang City Housing Authority, the "Supplemental Agreement" change the main contract on the terms of the 50-year franchise to clear both houses ownership split ratio. Subsequently, Ankang City Housing Authority on May 29,mulberry outlet, 2006 shall receive from the pre-sale permits. The main content of this Southern New Century "pre-sale permit: the real estate area of ââ20,160 square meters, minus the Golden State department stores have an area of ââmore than 4,000 square meters of property rights, approved the sale of an area of ââ16,000 square meters. June 2007, Ankang City Housing Authority for green cleaning company to handle the property total card. "Most merchants are purchased at that time the shops, because they have a pre-sale permit and listing the total card, since it is a legitimate commercial housing, we can rest assured purchase." We buy shops and leaseback to Green cleaning company commissioned management annual payment to levy. "Merchant Ms Lau said, all 276 merchant shops Fanzu gave green cleaning, green cleaning company promised gains gold is very attractive annual income gold 12%, some 15%. "It is understood that the 276 merchants buy shops,lunettes oakley, ranging from investment of more than ten million, more than the investment of hundreds of million. Police and housing authorities confirmed alone, green cleaning company income housing fund to 76 million yuan. Property rights since the Housing Authority of the dispute is a sudden "suspension of accreditation" as the business of investment, considering the pre-sale permits and real estate license, commercial buildings and therefore no one has doubted the legality of the commercial buildings. Until July 2008, Ankang City Housing Authority suddenly stopped for merchants to handle real estate license. "In February 2008, Green cleaning company handled 11 merchant shops purchase household housing ownership certificates, when hearing the other merchants went to handle real estate license, the Housing Authority is not to do." During the Shang households have heard the rumors: green cleaning company boss carrying a billion dollars of capital flight, "Southern New Century" commercial buildings due to the existence of irregularities sales behavior do not real estate license. Soon, more than 200 businesses heard the news gathered together, to the well-being of the municipal government, the City Housing Authority reflect the situation, someone asked the Housing Authority to continue to obtain a permit, some people ask for a refund ,abercrombie... Ankang City Housing Authority official said: 'Stop Rush The reason is that the Golden State department stores send people to reflect their property disputes with green cleaning co-existence of the development of the commercial buildings, department stores in the Golden State, said green cleaning company to sell commercial buildings. "So, Ankang City Housing Authority informed negotiation resolve property disputes, the consultation is 10 months. The morning of June 12 this year, more than 100 department stores in the Golden State workers suddenly gathered Construction Bureau of Ankang City, Ankang City Housing Authority, where the office building, called for the repeal "the new century of the South" pre-sale permit and listing the total permit, because "green cleaning company for breach of contract to sell commercial buildings." Meanwhile, Golden State department stores, housing authorities is illegal for green cleaning companies to distribute pre-sale permits and property total card. "They have the assistance of relevant government leading cadres, drilling policy loopholes, repeated changes to the contract, the purpose is zoned commercial building ownership to their name, and then sell." Recently, the reporter repeatedly contact green cleaning company responsible person, were unsuccessful. In two office green cleaning company located in the fifth floor of the "Southern New Century", the reporter did not find a staff member. Building property management staff, said: "green clean two months there is little to the staff, we also do not have their contact phone land but" joint development "of the household from a breach of regulations originally a cooperative development Legally , caused a lot of problems to make an inventory of state-owned enterprises a good thing, why "The main problem is the City Housing Authority should not be given the green cleaning company to handle the pre-sale license and real estate license, do not permit, green cleaning company will not sell to commercial buildings, merchants' money into their pockets can not." Golden State department stores, Ankang City Housing Authority to green cleaning company to do the pre-sale permits and real estate permits are illegal, "because the land use certificates, no transfer has been in the hands of the Golden State department stores." Well,mulberry outlet, Ankang City Housing Authority to Green cleaning company to complete the pre-sale permit and property total permit is a violation of regulations In this regard, Ankang City Housing Authority responsible person admits: "Land, but households 'joint development' unique pattern of well-being in the legal sense, is illegal. Accreditation is based on the spirit of the meeting of the municipal government." It is understand, in recent years, the of Ankang city government in order to solve the problems of the difficulties enterprises and restructuring business, the introduction of a "joint development" policy, allowing joint development in the case of land, however households. "Green cleaning company Golden State department stores jointly developed by 'Southern New Century' project in Ankang City, is neither the first, nor is this is the last one, has handled more than a dozen joint development projects are taken way. "Ankang City Housing Authority explained. "According to China's housing property management practices and pre-sale management approach, land by the Golden State department stores transfer to the developer of green cleaning company commercial buildings to obtain pre-sale permit and real estate license is a very important, if the land does not transfer according to the provisions of the Housing Authority, not for its accreditation. "Shaanxi the salty benefits law firm Guo Lei,louboutin pas cher, Ankang mode" no legal basis, can easily lead to developers Volume money bugger happens, is very risky, "Government violation given the green light to developers obtain a permit, the government, enterprises and businesses will face great risks, Southern New Century case examples. "" This is the middle or an interest issues, if the land transfer, the Golden State department stores would have the government payment of land premium of 30%. "informed sources in the Golden State department stores to sell the total price of the 5.934 acres of land, in accordance with the premium at the time, at least in the more than 15 million yuan. Green cleaning companies are doing "trading losses" "Our calculations, after the completion of the commercial buildings, green cleaning layer to a four-story commercial buildings are leased to Southern Trading Company opened Southern New Century Mart, green cleaning company more than five leased to Golden Star Hotel. commercial buildings year lease total revenue of 700 million yuan, while green cleaning company to pay the subscription hosting income rental fee of the gold and the Golden State department stores to a total of more than 1270 million. later discovered a number of merchants, if green cleaning company in the current mode of operation, necessary to come out ahead of more than 500 million years, "this Kuibenmaimai developers how to do him how to give merchants have to honor the contract " According to an investigation Hanbin, green cleaning company legal representative Zhao development Southern New Century "at the same time, another bustling commercial area is still well-being of urban investment, a large hotel and restaurant operated by his wife, Lee. Coincidentally, at the end of 2008, the green cleaning company to replace not only the legal representative, Zhao and his wife Lee divorced. Ankang City Housing Authority in 2008 as part of the purchase of the shops of the "Southern New Century" merchants handling of household real estate license, also found room selling more shops, it has also become the Housing Authority closed down the reasons for splitting real estate license "green cleaning company not only a room to sell more, also belongs to the Golden State department stores, shops also sell foreign." in the relevant departments at all levels and multi-contact Lvjie, former legal representative Zhao, the outside world came the Zhao escaped and fled to Canada. " According to the relevant departments of Ankang City and Hanbin preliminary verification, Zhao indeed went to Canada on March 19 this year. The source said: "Zhao Tel had told a local government official, said he is going to give their children to see a doctor in Canada." According to the relevant departments of the initial verification, green cleaning company account existing funds, but tens of thousands of dollars, to sell the shops and rental shops accumulated nearly a billion dollars unaccounted for. Currently, the well-being of the municipal government and the the Hanbin District Committee, District Government attaches great importance to this matter has caused. The Hanbin Committee led by district secretary Gong Guangxi has set up specialized agencies to coordinate the handling of the matter. Relevant responsible person said, will give the tenants have a say. On the afternoon of July 16, the reporter learned from the parties concerned, Ankang City and Hanbin public, prosecutors, law on suspicion of economic crimes has been to initiate an investigation on the matter. Lee Green cleaning the legal representative of the company has been controlled by the police, the employees basic finish. "An insider said.
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Xiao Yuan base utter the sound

another infection diet also can not keep up

sfvqyi7442 Post : 21.04.2013 06:43

con diversi precedenti.
aveva messo a segno 9 colpi in diverse farmacie della Capitale tra il 15 giugno e il 3 settembre 2012, ,louboutin online store? presidente di Libera,michael kors outlet, durato oltre due ore, La scampanellata del nuovo presidente del Consiglio è stata sottolineata da un lungo applauso, quel pomeriggio anche io mi sono ad un certo punto affacciata alla finestra: c'erano gruppi di ragazzi che camminavano velocemente o correvano.Tutti hanno negato che ci fossero stati accessi nelle loro stanze. tra laltro,michael kors bags, Il diesel 1. Le alternative a Colomba che erano state prese in considerazione nelle ore successive alle dimissioni di Stroppa si riferiscono a Cristiano Bergodi (nella passata stagione sulla panchina del Modena) o a Pasquale Marino.
Franco Colomba è arrivato nel pomeriggio in Abruzzo e ha incontrato poco fuori il capoluogo adriatico il direttore sportivo,Louis Vuitton Bags,A prova di crisi. E l'industria risponde con city car e utilitarie (si fa per dire) sempre più ricche di dotazioni e tecnologie ereditate dai segmenti superiori, Luscita di James Harvey anzitempo ha dato la stura a una sequela di ipotesi, 72 anni, L'ultima chance resta il decreto sviluppo, dicono, Il protrarsi dellinerzia della Regione nel dar corso a qualsivoglia pagamento è suscettibile di concretizzare il rischio già più volte prospettato di sospensione delle nostre attività sanitarie? Significa chiusura delle cliniche una minaccia già ventilata questestate Secondo il San Raffaele servono subito 92 milioni di euro o tutte le case di cura si fermano Ieri una delegazione dei sindacati che hanno organizzato la protesta in piazza Santi Apostoli è stata ricevuta in prefettura Il capo di Gabinetto Clara Vaccaro ci ha rassicurato che si impegnerà per far pervenire quanto prima una nota di sollecito alla Regione affinché vengano sbloccati i fondi per il pagamento degli stipendi e per l'acquisto di quanto necessario per l'assistenza ai pazienti,michael kors, Enrico Bondi. contribuendo così alla riduzione delleffetto serra.
Il vero problema è la scarsità di distributori sul territorio nazionale, anche economico,Cheap LV Handbags, continue questue agli angoli delle strade inscenate spesso sulla pelle di minorenni costretti a vivere nella paura e nel degrado. e il sottosegretario alla presidenza del Consiglio Gianni governo va avanti,Cheap LV Bags?3 da 95 cv che si migliora continuamente e ritocca ancora ipropri limiti dopo un anno diventando la Opel più efficiente di sempre. Una diversa messa a punto della centralina di controllo del motore prima di tutto, Gianna Nannini è una mamma felice e come altre mamme è già in giro per i corridoi con la bimba in braccio? Lascerà la clinica quando si deciderà per l'allattamento,, il più grande amore della mia vita,LV Handbags,Cordiali salutiUfficio stampa Atac
La vigilanza privata sarà in grado così di garantire un servizio più efficiente di quello stanziale che ricopriva prima attraverso la vigilanza fissa sulle diverse stazioni.3 milioni di euro,cheap michael kors bags. è il commento invece di Giorgio Merlo, succede che chi deve percorrere tale strada.
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Durante la lite sono stati esplosi.

simplistic and elitist. New York TimesNot in any literary sense a serious novel

vegan chili and homemade baked goods. park by the Trails Caf&eacute

hjt548gl2o Post : 21.04.2013 06:39

's Office of the State Council on the occasion of 60 years of the establishment of the new appointment of six State Department Counselor 4 Central Research Institute of Culture and History received the letter of appointment to begin in their The new positions to fulfill a new mission. Filed a counselor, and a lot of people will feel strange and mysterious. Counselor's Office of the State Council is the agency of the competent government counselor of the State Council work is the intellectual support of the government decision-making bodies; counselor of the State Council by the appointment of Premier, they are virtuous, talented, promising people in many of China's democratic parties, personages without party affiliation, as well as well-known experts and scholars. In fact, as early as in the beginning of the founding of New China, 32 people have become the Government Administration Council counselor. Currently, the State Department counselor,oakley, the total number has reached 206, a total of 53 in any counselor,longchamp. Central Research Institute of Culture and History,sac longchamp, founded in 1951, is a united front, honor organizations whose mission is respecting Chongwen primary responsibility is to carry forward the fine traditional culture of the Chinese nation, the existing 52 librarians. The afternoon of the 13th,hollister, the newly appointed counselor of the State Council, the Central Research Institute of Culture and History, with the reporters face-to-face exchanges. These counselors, librarians are outstanding representatives of all walks of life, Zhang Kangkang is a well-known writer,hollister, Xia Bin, is a well-known financial expert, Chen Zuwu is highly respected historian ... the elected counselor and librarian First is an honor, which become their 10 people share the same feelings. Current financial director of the Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council, Xia Bin counselor many titles,hogan, "In the future I want new business cards with the duties of the State Department counselor, own modest contribution in this post,futures trading,abercrombie pas cher." Xia Bin said,louboutin. The counselor duties research, advice and suggestions, democratic supervision, consultancy States,hogan outlet, they can through the "through train", comments and suggestions to the Premier and other leaders of the State Council to reflect the situation. The incumbent Chinese People's University High School Affiliated principals Liu Pengzhi Counselor long-term concern equalization of educational resources, another of her identity is a national medium-and long-term education planning "expert group of consultants. Liu Pengzhi said: "become a counselor, I will pay more attention to the problems of education, the opportunity to own ideas and research results through more convenient channels available to the decision-making department,air jordan." Xu Lin, a few days ago, the 55-year-old has just learned that he was engaged as a counselor. Coincides with the government counselor Ordinance published, which provides for the counselor first employed shall not be less than the age of 55 years old, and she just became the youngest counselor. "'Elderly' unit, the Counselor's Office is the youngest, the place to learn a lot." Xu Lin,oakley pas cher, frankly. November 9,China insists on maintaining social stability, 2009, the government counselor working Ordinance officially announced, which is China's first standardize and strengthen the administrative rules and regulations of the government counselor working government counselor working toward standardization and institutionalization of an important symbol of the rule of law. Was hired as a counselor and librarian, will naturally have their own wish. Incumbent Hanban Xu Lin, Director, said: "China has been established in 88 countries and more than 200 Confucius Institutes. Counselors, librarians are very outstanding talent, and I hope the opportunity counselors, librarians have embarked "regional culture look through the compilation of Confucius Institute at the podium,longchamp pas cher, the spread of the outstanding culture of the Chinese nation." 66-year-old Chen Zuwu hope with the Central Research Institute of Culture and History,the solution to the Libyan crisis through political and diplomatic means, the librarian a completion of 15 million words, in order to promote the development of socialist culture , and prosperity for the benefit of future generations. Was hired as librarian in my life memorable day. "Tibetan painter Nima Ze Ren said:" I will, as always, external communication excellent culture of the ethnic minorities in China,oakley lunettes, to interpret the history of minorities with their own brush, let the world see the great development of the minorities. "honors in the shoulder, to fulfill the mission. Reporters saw the 10 counselors, librarians firm eyes responsibility to read hope their affectionate discourse.

å°±æ&m... Post : 21.04.2013 06:34

's father took her to go from doctor to doctor,louboutin pas cher, and many hospitals have gone to Wuhan, Beijing, Anhui and other places. She was eventually diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, androgen secretion,abercrombie france, excessive hair growth medication can only suppress, but not the loss of hair. Unfortunately,abercrombie, there is hope the mother is pregnant again, five years ago,mulberry, Zhang was diagnosed with diabetes after the birth of her sister to find out children with cerebral palsy. Pan Zhang's parents carefully thought ZHANG Pan aunt, aunt's son and daughter have hirsutism and diabetes,louboutin pas cher, Pan Zhang's mother also had hirsutism, but after marriage, the symptoms disappeared. To Pan Zhang medical treatment after another took hundreds of thousands of family savings quickly,abercrombie france, repair shop open no longer sister to see a doctor in order to cerebral palsy,mulberry outlet, Pan Zhang's parents took my sister to put cake stalls to make money in Shanxi,hogan. Wanted to commit suicide the brave medical treatment for more than a month ago today day,mulberry, she was found to save a lot of sleeping pills pills Pan Zhang, also wrote a lot of small pieces of paper, and grandmother rushed to Zhang hope parents call. Parents come back to see the dull eyes of her daughter, did not want to contact anyone. "I wrote those small pieces of paper to record my mood, my parents because I was so hard,mulberry outlet, I bring to this house a disaster,hogan outlet, so dead on their liberation." And Pan Zhang said,air jordan pas cher. "The people of the United States is not the appearance of disability in the world there are many, they are strong enough to be alive." Mother to talk about the story of Heidi Zhang Pan Zhang. The mother said: "You have to be alive for the home, if worse dead mother, you have to take care of my sister." These words touched Pan Zhang, she begins to come out of extreme emotional. (Changjiang Daily correspondent Zhu Xiaosong Hu dream intern Zhang Wei)
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the matter is still under investigation.

almost stupid

for safety reasons

jpyf3zw4 Post : 21.04.2013 06:33

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skflk172i Post : 21.04.2013 06:31

's son Zhang mother injured photographs taken on the photo,hogan, Ms. Wang's back and legs are a large red, almost black and blue. Zhang also said that the mother of a value of more than 1000 yuan watch also robbed, this is a gift given to her son-in-law. Rags to cover themselves, ran into a small temple to help others persuaded Ms. Wang this was put down. She blocked with rags in the chest, and ran all the way against the mountain near a small temple to go for help. Keep the small temple of Lao Li couple a helping hand,louboutin, she got a suit of clothes. Lao Li told reporters, Ms. Wang into the temple for help was indeed very elegant,louboutin pas cher, was covered in wounds, the only shelter in the chest with rags the hands also been shivering,mulberry. Dressed Ms. Wang staggered back to staying at a full two days lying in bed, and not just because of bodily injury, more feel ashamed to go out again. Two days later, Ms. Wang was the matter told his son, the son of Zhang This alarm. Recall playing her 4 individuals, Ms. Wang said little impression,mulberry, because she was feeling very afraid, only vaguely remember their age in the 50-year-old,louboutin pas cher. Son Zhang think mothers so that they can not accept such humiliation,abercrombie, also ask for a formal apology, pay medical expenses as well as 40,000 yuan for mental damages, in addition to construction side to say,mulberry outlet. Admitted to the police admit that he stole a site four-meter-long steel pipe accepted area Qiaoying police station transcripts ask, stole four steel pipes reporter learned that Ms. Wang. Here the site is attributable to two construction companies, Xiamen associated Xiamen Huanhai company. Xiamen Union Project Department Manager Huang told reporters that he is aware of this matter to the police came to investigate only. Headed by beating a man surnamed Luo from Sichuan workers, he is by the sea of ââChina's workers, the person in charge of the site. Luomou already fled, not contact,mulberry outlet. As for the other three people,hogan outlet, Mr. Huang said he can not confirm, "As there is no stripped her naked to the police investigation confirmed!" Mr. Huang said, this thing hit Ms. Wang, they are wrong. The intervention of the district police station, the two sides yesterday were coordinated. Mr.Huang willing to pay for the medical expenses, lost income, costs, and appropriate fees soothe the spirit. The two sides subsequently reached a consensus. "Stripped naked" the true workers fear collar criminal 3 years Xiamen Golden Bay law firm lawyer Zheng Zhining: little secret things are against the law,air jordan, any citizen found are intercepted and seized and turned over to the judiciary (specifically, the public security organs) processing ,abercrombie france. But secretly beaten thief infringement thief's right to life and health as well as the right to human dignity should be investigated for causing bodily injury liability. This event is the most special is that the women were stripped naked, confirmed Ms. Wang stated, these workers committed the crime of insulting women can even be sentenced to three years in prison. (WANG Qing-ping) Source: Xiamen Business Daily
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yu8d09pn53 Post : 21.04.2013 06:30

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Ms. Ding has spent 150 million yuan

each into a female passenger

suddenly ran away from home. The walk home

's heart sank through, I see this situation cold heart!" Exclaimed an eyewitness introduced haul truck fire. Late at night the day before, a fully loaded gravel haul trucks spontaneous combustion in a moving way, drivers often stopped passing car and would like to take fire extinguisher, but the other driver, without exception, to see that the fire does not save,abercrombie france. Driving a car about 9:40 the evening of November 24, drove out of fire-breathing, the Baohe 607 patrol control car WATCH receiving the alarm,abercrombie, Hefei Huizhou Avenue and South Second Ring Road, one kilometer south of the intersection,louboutin, the car spontaneous combustion. Reporters rushed to the scene to see, the spontaneous combustion vehicle fire has been extinguished, this is a haul truck carrying a car full of gravel, the right side of the body by fire Xunde dark. The dejected young haul truck drivers, forward WATCH introduce happened. Alarming the patrolman told reporters,mulberry outlet, when they arrived, automotive chassis parts out Spitfire Patrol immediately took a fire extinguisher in the police car, almost the whole jar extinguishant fast finished spraying when the flame was extinguished. Haul truck drivers Griffey told reporters that the fire is burning up from the right side of the vehicle battery parts, later almost to burn the fuel tank explosion, very dangerous. Griffey said,mulberry, he lives feixi to strict shop, usually stone transported on site. After night, he pulled the vehicle from Wuli Temple gravel transported to the Lake District Guangsha site, traveling more than 10 minutes, you see the same car traveling towards his fierce horn, suggesting that his car Fire. Ge the master immediately stop and found flames leapt out from the right. Carts trolleys do not borrow fire extinguishers "when my car was only a small fire extinguisher, but unfortunately is furnished, there was no way to fire fighting." Griffey recalled the scene at that time, "I saw so many cars coming and going on the Huizhou Avenue on want stopped a driver, by a fire extinguisher. "I did not expect, he was repeatedly rebuffed. Griffey said he stood by the roadside waving hailed at first for a bus to stop, but the driver shook his head after listening to his request to go. Then, he stopped for a bus, car drivers actually said to him: lend you,louboutin pas cher, I have no use statistics. "Then drove off. Small car drivers also said the same thing to me. "Griffey said," I carts also stopped, the car stopped, these drivers are reluctant to borrow fire extinguishers. "Seeing the fire to burn off toward the fuel tank, small Ge, only alarm call to the police for help,abercrombie. Scene witnessed the whole process of passing a middle-aged man was repeatedly rebuffed, although he did not want to be named,louboutin, told reporters, but he left in the police inquiry records confirmed Griffey master car caught fire, repeatedly hailed the encounter . The man told reporters: "The driver was definitely chilling, not to mention his heart sank through, I see the heart of this case cold." The editing after fiery chilling Griffey master the encounter not the case. Just the other day, Bengbu City, a vehicle owner suffered a chilling scene. November 20,mulberry outlet, his car row to a sudden spontaneous combustion in through the open area of ââthe city,louboutin pas cher, well-intentioned masses by fire extinguishers hurried to the nearest shop, but was indifferent refused. The person in charge of the store actually said,air jordan pas cher, as to the identity can not be determined, it was politely turned down the other side. Sedan front almost totally destroyed due to the delay in extinguishing time,abercrombie. Morrison newspaper reporter to Kay

vuavha54gh Post : 21.04.2013 06:24

ââlive sheep slaughtered next to the rebellion cultural protection units recently, readers discovered from Tian Yi Tomb, the Shijingshan Moshikou cultural protection units passing the entrance area at the new "attractions" - a flock of sheep stocking on the hillside, and site slaughter trafficking. Before the reporter received a tip, came to a small hospital in the north of the Tian Yi Tomb, you can see from the door, and more than 10 sheep are grazing on the hillside grass on the walls next to the words "live sheep freshly slaughtered and sold a few characters,hollister, and Tel. A care of the flock, the man said,ray ban pas cher, his flocks reared, mainly to the sale of 18 yuan per catty, you can call ahead to make an appointment. "Reporter with entering the hospital found innermost end surrounded with strips of wood into a at the sheepfold,ray ban pas cher, door stood a chopping board and slaughtering knife, and hung on the wall a good peel sheepskin corner stood a few leg of lamb. The man said, where the courtyard is the ancestral home of his family. In addition to the dozen sheep now see, in Changping also raised more than 100. He said the customer weekdays ordering site slaughter weekend to take sheep. Unannounced visits without quarantine weighing slaughtered with the same board Sunday morning, the reporter met here had come to buy a sheep tung. Mr. Tong told reporters that he is climbing a few days ago to see the slaughter of live sheep "ad", specifically about the Neighbourhood and come together to purchase. Eventually, Mr. Tong has selected a 73 pounds of live sheep to the hospital the man had entered the circle to pick a good sheep dragged out,sac longchamp. Through the open courtyard, the reporter saw the sheep's legs were tied on a piece of wood to start weighing,oakley. In order to to avoid frighten other sheep, the man would like other sheep, he rushed to the hospital. But see the same kind of tied on the ground, flock or too scared to move on. Subsequent slaughter are also carried out on a piece of wood. The man he took a dagger to the sheep neck and striking suddenly bleeding profusely. After the slaughter,hogan, the sheep was cut into several parts, the man from the house to come up with a pot full bloom visceral cleaning. Throughout the slaughtering process lasted about an hour, after the lamb are loaded in several plastic bags,abercrombie france, to the tung. Saying residents the Figure "fresh" only whole selling only to come to press the only buy zaiyang process, many pedestrians into the hospital to ask if they can be purchased by pounds,second industrial power of 2.7023 trillion kwh, the man flatly refused: "all call ahead reservations, face to face freshly slaughtered,enterprises can not be full and timely payment of retirement pensions,ray ban. "the man said, the circle of sheep have been set out,on the evening of December 20,toms shoes, bookers are residents of nearby cells. Nearby residents said, people come to buy live sheep, farthest from the Dongcheng District,ray ban sunglasses. According to the surrounding residents, the slaughter of live sheep Point opened in 19 years,hollister, almost every day in the slaughter of live sheep,abercrombie, slaughtered only specific, hard to determine. In the interview process,, tung including several patrons said that because the fancy freshly slaughtered live sheep this so-called "fresh" to come here to buy. Through quarantine before slaughter, there is not much concept. The response to the Joint Inspection morning, Shijingshan District, Ms. Ma said, the food safety supervision and coordination office secretly slaughtered livestock trafficking is an offense. If you have a trading relationship, without qualification, are operating without a license. Reporter access to the 2005 Beijing cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks designated slaughterhouse audited management approach "Article stipulates that the city implement slaughtering and centralized quarantine of cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, etc.. According to reporters reflect, Ms. Ma said, will be combined with a number of departments to investigate, once verified, will the department Sizai live sheep trafficking dens against. â experts say China Agricultural University College of Veterinary Medicine professor said Professor Xu Jianqin, sheep may carry E. coli, sheep emphysema, gangrene and other bacterial sexually transmitted disease, if not through the inspection and quarantine, may lead to eating infected with zoonotic diseases. If the infection from sheep, pigs and other livestock from contamination brucellosis, almost all human organs and tissues may be violated, the most serious patients may lose the ability to work,longchamp. Text / reporter intern Liu Mi Wang Lu

a45annz01 Post : 21.04.2013 06:24

's talent powerhouse, in the middle of this century to achieve The socialist modernization Firm Foundation. Specific indicators, including the total amount of human resources to 180 million people around this goal; prime working age population proportion of highly educated 20%. Around 2020 personnel development overall objective, the outline of the structure and mechanism of the work of creative talents. Improving talent management, standardize administrative practices, and promote the talent management sector further decentralization, reduce and standardize the talent evaluation, flow and other aspects of the administrative examination and approval and fee matters. To overcome the tendency of administrative talent management and "official position" to cancel the administrative level and executive management mode research institutes, schools, hospitals and other institutions actually exist. Personnel selection and appointment mechanism is proposed to improve the party and government leaders open selection and competition system and explore acclaimed public election and other competitive selection of cadres. Regulate the nomination system of selecting and appointing cadres. Implement and improve the local party committees discussed and decided upon appointing cadres to important voting system. Establish the key positions of the institutions and the person in charge of major national projects global recruitment system. The Outline also proposed 10 major policies and 12 major talent project. The twelve major talent project, innovative talents promote the program, youth development program of excellence, enterprise management personnel quality upgrading works, high-quality education personnel training project, cultural masters Engineering 6, universal health personnel protection engineering overseas high-level talents introduction plan, professional and technical personnel to update their knowledge engineering, the revitalization of the national high-skilled personnel plan,oakley lunettes, modern agriculture,toms outlet, human resources support plan 11 remote and poor areas,ray ban, the frontier areas and the old revolutionary base personnel support programs, college graduates and grassroots training plan ten major policies, the implementation of the fiscal and financial policies to promote investment in human resources and give priority to ensuring 2, the implementation of research cooperation to cultivate innovative talents policy 3, the implementation guide talent mobility policy to the rural grass-roots and hard remote areas, the implementation of entrepreneurial talent to support policies 5 , painstaking research and innovation policies conducive to the implementation of scientific and technological personnel, implementing promote the party and government personnel, business management personnel, professional and technical personnel reasonable mobility policy, the implementation of personnel policy more open, to encourage the implementation of the non-public economic organizations, new social organizations talent development policies, the implementation of public service policies to promote talent development and implementation of intellectual property protection policy focus of party and government personnel from the social selection to improve the party and government personnel, business management personnel, professional and technical personnel exchange and testing exercise regime. Expand inter-regional cross-sectoral exchange of duties range of leadership of the party and government organs and state-owned enterprises and institutions. Broaden the sources of party and government personnel, and improve the system of selection of personnel from enterprises and social organizations. [Interpretation] has been involved in long-term talent Plan study and research director of the Center of Peking University, Human Resources Development and Management of Development Studies on Human Resources, said, which broke the existing party and government personnel,longchamp, business management personnel, the barriers between the professional and technical personnel. Such as the civil service, unless the level of enterprises to go, otherwise where into compulsory. But this approach can enterprises and talent can go to the party and government organs, the talent of the party and government organs also can go to get through the three channels, favor talents on a bigger stage to show their ability; same time These three systems also allow greater range to choose and configure talent, let talent where they should be. Labor and Human Resources of Renmin University of China Professor Peng Jianfeng facing the flow of talent, and now a lot of institutional barriers between each other, each closed system. Now the new talents outline the concept of the talent flow unobstructed talent system more open, accessible liquidity sufficient to achieve a large flow of talent situation to realize talent, is conducive to the further activation of talent,oakley lunettes. Has proposed such ideas and principles, but the need for specific operational programs, some of the institutional reform,hogan outlet, some need a mechanism to be innovative. Focus 2 hospitals universities cancel the administrative level to overcome the Chief of talent management,hollister uk, the tendency of the "official position" to cancel the administrative level and executive management mode research institutes,louboutin, schools, hospitals and other institutions actually exist. In scientific research, medical and other institutions to explore the establishment of the Council, the Board of Directors and other forms of corporate governance structure. 【Explanation】 Development Studies on Human Resources said that currently exist in universities, research institutes and hospitals in the administrative level, on the one hand, the traditional lineage is also affected by the impact of social SHANGGUAN based. The result is the result, these units in the selection of personnel,oakley, administrative-level requirements. For example, to recruit a Secretary, must be in the position to the Commissioner done; selection of a Commissioner must be worked in the position of Deputy Director of Outline requirements of the job, in the selection of personnel to break this limit, entirely to see him make what the results, what kind of experience and the quality of,sac longchamp, and can not have a level requirement. Peng Jianfeng bluntly, research institutes, schools and even hospitals administrative level should be canceled,ray ban lunettes. And evaluation of scientific research institutes, schools and hospitals, to change social evaluation of their good and bad. In addition, to cancel these units administrative level, nor should it become a talent of these units to serve the party and government organs obstacles. If the professor to the government worked to capacity and performance-oriented, as in the past can no longer be level-based, does not depend on the boil first boil out. This requires the establishment of the system. The focus of state-owned enterprises to implement equity option incentive to establish the incentive system of property rights, and the development of knowledge,louboutin pas cher, technology, management skills and other factors of production approach to distribution according to contribution. Sound talent incentive mechanism of state-owned enterprises, the implementation of equity,abercrombie france, options and other long-term incentives, the key to innovation and entrepreneurship, tilt. 【Explanation】 previous incentive system of property rights is also mentioned, but not like this expressly Development Studies on Human Resources. With the advent of the knowledge-based economy, with the transition to an innovation-oriented country, such a policy is put forward even more necessary. Now faced with the problem, however, is necessary to introduce the corresponding supporting system have mature assets assessment approach, in the end to how much equity or options appropriate, these should be considered mature, there is a system to follow. Peng Jianfeng seems, this outstanding property and equity incentives, the recognition of the value of the value of human capital and knowledge capital, means employees can float, so that the human capital of the state-owned enterprises to be able to participate in the distribution of knowledge capitalization. He said that the state-owned administrative tendency of some state-owned enterprises leaders, entrepreneurs not to pursue, is the pursuit of an official. Now proposed this idea, is the long-term development of the enterprise should be synchronized with the talent of their own development, the long-term interests of the talent combined with the long-term development of the enterprise. The reporter Guo Shaofeng
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's response Source: Dragon TV "Oriental News" A: We have taken note of the relevant reports. Japan-US alliance as a bilateral arrangement formed in special historical conditions, should not go beyond the bilateral scope. China adheres to the path of peaceful development, pursues a defensive national defense policy,abercrombie, actively committed to the development of friendly and cooperative relations with all countries, especially neighboring countries. China has always been an active promoter of the firm defenders and mutually beneficial regional cooperation for regional peace and stability,hollister. I hope relevant countries to respect the fact that, to take a responsible attitude and do more conducive to safeguarding regional peace and stability, enhance mutual trust thing. Q: Can you tell us about the work done for the implementation of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea, China A: The Chinese side attaches great importance to the role played by the "Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea for the maintenance of regional stability, enhance mutual trust between China and ASEAN countries, has always strictly complied with the Declaration. Since the signing of the Declaration, China has actively promote the implementation of the Declaration, "the follow-up process, so far held two Senior Officials Meeting and the ASEAN countries, and the establishment of a joint working group, responsible for the development of the work plan, the identification of specific cooperation projects. The Joint Working Group has identified as priority areas of cooperation in marine scientific research, marine environmental protection, maritime navigation safety,hollister, etc., and to carry out disaster prevention and mitigation in the South China Sea, marine search and rescue of six cooperation projects to reach a consensus. Joint Working Group meetings are held alternately in China and ASEAN countries have been held six times. Q: The first China-US Asia-Pacific Affairs recently held consultations will tell us about What is the significance of the establishment of this mechanism China is the first round of consultations on what are your expectations A: In order to implement the outcome of President Hu Jintao's visit to the United States in January this year, as well as the consensus reached in the third round of China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue, the two sides agreed to hold its first Asia-Pacific affairs consultation on June 25 in Honolulu,toms outlet, Hawaii, USA, co-chaired by Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Cui and U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Campbell. The two sides will exchange views on the Asia Pacific overall situation, the respective Asia-Pacific policy, as well as regional issues of common concern. The establishment of Sino-US Asia-Pacific affairs consultation mechanism is innovative initiatives to implement the consensus reached by the two heads of state during President Hu's visit to the United States, but also the highlights of the third round of China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue, is of great significance in enriching the connotations of China-US partnership. China and the United States in the Asia-Pacific region has the highest concentration of the interests of convergence,oakley lunettes, especially in recent years, Sino-US common interests in the Asia-Pacific region continues to expand, increasing interaction, it is necessary to establish a special consultation channels in the Asia-Pacific affairs, on the situation in the region and their respective policy exchange view, planning, and push forward bilateral cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, and properly deal with about contradiction differences, and to promote a positive interaction between China and the United States in the Asia-Pacific region pattern. This is not only conducive to the healthy and stable development of Sino-US relations,louboutin, but also conducive to peace, stability and development in the Asia-Pacific region. China is looking forward to the first consultation to achieve positive results, in order to strengthen the communication of the two countries in the Asia-Pacific affairs, to promote mutual understanding, expand pragmatic cooperation, properly handle differences and jointly promote peace, stability and development in the Asia-Pacific region to promote the Sino-US partners relations forward. Q: U.S,oakley. President Barack Obama address the nation on the 22nd,longchamp, announced plans for the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan. China's comment A: We have always advocated respect the independence and sovereignty of Afghanistan. We note that President Obama announced plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. We hope that the parties concerned in the process of the transfer of security authority to Afghanistan, effectively assume responsibility to help Afghanistan strengthen security capacity building to ensure the realization of the peaceful and stable transition,abercrombie. Q: The Executive Board of the Libyan National Transitional Council "main 席吉卜é勒 before China visit, please tell us a visit. Host's visit to China means a change in China's policy on Libya The Gaddafi government also expressed the hope that the opposition of Lee to visit China to promote the solution of the question of Libya, is China's response A: Yesterday, Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi met with the main 席吉卜é勒 of the Executive Board of the Libyan National Transitional Council's visit to China. During the meeting, Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said, the current Lee crisis continues,ray ban pas cher, the Li people in war-torn China have worried. We hope Lee both sides of the conflict with the interests of the state and the people as the most important, give serious consideration to the international community's mediation program, a ceasefire as soon as possible, Lee the current crisis be resolved through political channels, truly give peace a chance, this fundamentally conducive to profit the people. Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi pointed out that unselfish China on the issue in Lee, Lee question boils down to Lee's internal affairs,hollister uk, and Lee by Lee peoples' self-decision. Foreign Minister Yang also pointed out that since the establishment of the National Transitional Council, the representative increasingly Lee an important domestic political force has gradually become China is regarded as "an important dialogue. China is willing to maintain contact with relevant parties, including Lee "transition committee" to continue, to promote Lee crisis early political settlement. Said Jibolile,ray ban lunettes, Lee "National Transitional Council appreciates the righteous stance of China in the Lee issue and solve Lee crisis play a positive role, promised to take the necessary measures to protect the National Transitional Council control of Chinese personnel in the region and the safety of Chinese-funded enterprises and property. Q: Indian Foreign Secretary Rao today arrived in Pakistan to hold talks with the Pakistani side, in order to repair once damaged due to terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India-Pakistan relations. China, as the neighboring countries of India and Pakistan, and how to evaluate the development of relations between India and Pakistan A: India and Pakistan are friendly neighbors, but also an important country in South Asia. Improvement in India-Pakistan relations is not only beneficial to South Asia, but also conducive to peace, stability and development in Asia. The Chinese side welcomes India and Pakistan to carry out contact and dialogue, support to India and Pakistan to properly resolve their differences through dialogue and cooperation to achieve common development,sac longchamp. Q: It is reported that since China Overseas Engineering Group Co., Ltd. to exit the construction of the A2 motorway project in Poland, there was a Chinese company to abandon the acquisition project in Poland. Some Chinese media on Poland's investment environment as well as the attitude of the local Chinese investors have criticized it, What is your comment Chinese companies to quit or give up whether the project is subject to the bilateral relations, the attitude of the Government and other political factors A: Chinese enterprises to enter the European, the need to act in accordance with the laws of the market economy, but also a learning process and continue to accumulate experience. China to increase foreign investment in line with the expectations of many countries, but also the future direction of development in China. Hope that the friendly countries in Europe to continue to give more support and understanding of the Chinese enterprises. The Chinese government supports the China-EU cooperation in the enterprise, and also hope that China and the EU enterprises be able to properly resolve the issue through friendly consultations. Of course, the last independent decision.
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